if you are seeking a professional, friendly, no stress wallpapering / painting service, then you have come to the right place!

   NO upfront deposit required *
 12 month FREE touch up service**
 100% satisfaction guarantee
Only professional quality
products used
Work is of the highest quality
 Trade qualified with over 20 years experience 
Envionmentally friendly (low voc) products used where possible

Only the BEST professional quality industry standard  products are used, giving a superior finish and maximum lifespan.

All work is guaranteed, I even offer a 12 month free paint touch up service to fix any of those little knocks or scrapes that can happen with everyday wear and tear*
I proudly use Haymes quality Austrailan made paints.

*No upfront deposit and free touch up service conditions apply, see contact page for details.


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What people are saying...

"The house looks brilliant! We are so very pleased with the result and you are cetainly very professional in your undertakings. You must be extremely pleased with the job you have done, although I guess this is just your usual high standard and so don't think too much of it".

"I can tell you that the difference from what it was to now is amazing. It is a credit to you and your skills and we are so pleased with the finished result".
"As you are probably aware, we changed our plans at the start of last week with the selling of the house. The way it looks now I am happy that this has happened because it is now in such good shape it really is an asset worth keeping".
"If you ever need a reference or confirmation regarding your work please offer me as a contact. I would be only too pleased to confirm our expereince with your professionalism".