Wallpaper is currently making a huge comeback, specially in the form of feature walls, using impressive modern patterns and colours.
  It has undergone a revolution in recent years, with
  improved manufacturing processes allowing    papers that were previously unavailable, to now  give the WOW factor you have been looking for!
  It is most effective when used as a feature wall, is also very versatile and can be used in many different applications.
   Depending on style and colour choice, It can      range from a striking effect in a shop or living room, to a  calming effect in a bedroom or study.
Forget the 'old school' wallpaper your grandparents used to have,
think modern, funky and fun!
Wallpaper can be used in a wide variety of situations
   to stunning effect.

Dramatic areas can be created with papers that reflect light in interesting ways.

 This paper was used very effectively in a dining room.
Have a close look at the way light
brings out different aspects of the pattern.

Below is the same pattern in a lighter colour,
 which creates an eye catching entry wall
with similar reflective qualities.
Shop fit out.jpg    
   This is a recent clothing shop fit out prior to all the stock      being displayed.
             Bold patterns make for an impressive salon or                                         shop reception area Bold.jpg
anaglypta.jpg   'Anaglypta' wallpaper comes in a variety of raised texture patterns that can be painted over in any colour you like.
Makes for a very unique feature wall.
  Subtle patterns add an attractive touch to bedrooms Bedroom.jpg
office.jpg         Stylish home office feature wall

              'Foil' papers give an interesting metallic shine
Wall  Attractive billiard room feature wall 
 Wallpaper can be used to create the illusion of 'zones' within one large space like this recessed wall,
 which is a very effective way to create different areas
within open plan interiors or large rooms.
Mural wallpapers provide a great talking point and  a very
      interesting feature  

All of the wallpapers seen here were sourced through Williamstown Paintright, they have a huge range of papers to choose from as well as great advice for your particular needs
They are located at 28a Ferguson St, Williamstown, Victoria
and can be contacted on 03 9397 1025


For some great wallpaper samples and ideas,
please have a look at the Vision range,
available at Williamstown Paintright.

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